Loader moving Finished Compost

Ramsey County, Minnesota

Green Energy and Development completed a 5 year contract with Ramsey County,
Contract included:
  • Full management of five (5) yard waste collection sites throughout the county.
  • Arranging logistics and removal of yard waste from 4 of the 5 sites.
  • Creating and managing windrows on the White Bear Township site.
  • Arranging logistics for finished compost from White Bear Township to the other yard waste collection sites for Ramsey County residents to obtain for their use.
shakopee mn

Shakopee Mdewakaton Sioux Community Organics Recycling Facility

Instrumental in consulting on the pre-design, site development and construction of this project.

This included:

  • Design and specifications of buildings, scale, processing equipment.
  • Hiring,  education and training of staff.
  • Developed business plan and increased revenues utilizing knowledge of the waste industry
  • Working with local haulers, businesses and communities.
  • Created a program to market finished products.
Grinding (4)

City of Moorhead, Minnesota

This contract involved grinding wood waste and removing green wastes such as grass, leaves
and garden materials from non compostable bags.
The grinding portion of the contract included over 20,000 cubic yards annually of boulevard trees
and residential tree waste.
Then marketing the ground materials to provide biofuels to area energy producers.
The debagging and screening portion included over 15,000 cubic yards of bagged green wastes and
created windrows for the City of Moorhead to complete the composting process.
After spring flooding of the Red River in and around the City of Moorhead, approximately 52,000 tons
of sand was retrieved from the sandbags used for flood control.  This equaled approximately 95% of
material recovered and was used on a local bridge and road project.
Carver Co Photos 774

Pilot project in collaboration with Carver County and the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

This project demonstrated the collection and processing of source separated organics and green wastes combined.
The delivered materials were then processed and composted on the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
site that had been designed with lysimeters to collect and monitor contact water.
The projects success was due to the cooperation of the local waste haulers to supply designated containers to the
residents and businesses to mix both compostable organic waste and green waste together for collection.
The finished composted materials were used by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum gardeners as well
as other commercial landscapers and residents.